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Hey folks! Thanks for being patient with this first arc of LITTLE WHITE MOUSE. I've gotten a few comments that the "previous" function loads all the pages of this first arc, and takes a long time to load. This first "issue" of LITTLE WHITE MOUSE was a long one; all the next installments will be more manageable in length, more like 21-24 pages, standard comic book length, so it should be less of a bear to load up and view.

ALSO! Got a nice comment yesterday asking about how to pronounce the names in this series:

Loo (loo), rhymes with "blue".

P'heng (p-HENG, just a slight "p" sound before HENG)

Loo's oldest brother's name XI is pronounced "KI", rhymes with "Pie".

Loo's dad's name QI is pronounced "KEE", rhymes with "Key". 

Th'eng (the family's last name) is t-HENG, a slight "t" sound before the HENG. It's not THENG like THING with the "th" sound. 

These are all Malaysian based names; The "real" Loo helped me pick them out so I would be accurate. Hope this helps!

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