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Oops! The type for part of my "LITTLE WHITE MOUSE Pronunciation Guide" got colored black; kind of hard to read against a black background. Let's try this again:

LOO=loo (rhymes with "Blue").

P'HENG= pHENG (slight soft "p" sound before HENG).

TH'ENG= tHENG (slight soft "T" sound before HENG).

XI (Loo's oldest brother)= "ki", (rhymes with "sky").

QI (Loo's dad)= Kee (rhymes with "key"). 

Hope this helps! 

ALSO: I've switched the navigation to date based, so you can go back one day at a time, rather than loading the entire chapter at one time. Does this work better, in your opinion? Please let me know your thoughts! I love comments, and I want this to be a good webcomic reading experience! 

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