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Daily, except when I have cramps
I hate myself for taking the time  to search for the perfect image for my background. It took me  30 minutes to find this image entitled, "beautiful manicure" .
I took a drawing workshop with Jennifer Camper and this character is a result of a game we played.  We took a piece a paper and the first person drew the head, the second drew the torso and the third drew the legs and named the character.  This was all done without knowing what the previous person drew (we'd fold the paper down once we were finished).  I was there with a bunch of college kids, but I seemed to be the most immature. They couldn't get over the fact that I named one of the characters, 'Elf Booby'.  This one doesn't look like the product of a 28 year old either.  I have a weird obsession with Lee Press on nails.
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