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Perry Belmon ||   

This is a short Long Bio Blurb. I'm running out of time tonight to type this but the gist of it is that I want to create webcomics, I have lots of ideas but very little time to do it. I also have no idea on the amount of tech work involved so I am learning by doing this little version of my life. I also live in a world where everyone has some sort of super power, but its not a big deal. It's just part of life.

Anyways. Here I am rambling on and my wife needs me to get off the frickin' computer and head upstairs, so I have to go. I hope you enjoy the comics I create. Hopefully I can make some progress and actually create something great.

But the start is going to be a bit rough and crappy I'm sure.

Ach . . . I have to go.


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