This is the Launch Site to the fantastic world of Phineus: Magician for Hire. Follow the tongue-in-cheek adventures of Phineus and Sara Beam as they battle the forces of evil Hell-bent on taking over the world! He's a Mage and she likes to shoot things. They hunt vampires, slay dragons, destroy zombies, fight Nazis, travel into outerspace... you get the picture! By Barry Linck

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Phineus : Magician for Hire is the brainchild of creator Barry Linck. Phineus was created in 1987, of then a high school senior after reading too much of Matt Wagner's "Mage", too much Dungeon's and Dragon's and watching too much of John Carpenter's "Big trouble in LittleChina". Over the interviening years Phineus changed from angellic savior, to reluctant hero, to art student who finds he is a mage, until, in 1991, for a comic class at Edinboro University, he became part of a Husband and Wife paranormal investigations team, with Phineus' sidekick and wife Sara. Barry produced and self published from 1993 to the present with our erstwhile heroes, garnering a small but rabid fan following.
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