Phobos comics is a trademark of dupret santana Bejarano...Phobos comics is a creaton of my own, because i've created stories since i was 10 years old, so i had a lot of imagination...The name Phobos is because of one of the moons of mars...I loved astronomy since i was a child, so i got a nickname "Phobos", and my brothers still call me in that way....But well, inspired in that, i used my ancient nickname to name my comics inventions...and well, the Logo...Those who know something about quantum physics would smile with the Logo, because it's signifies Dirac's Notation...well, the operators P of momentum and C (well it's just my imagination)not the operator of speed of light...I wanted to show something of my own in the logo, so i created that way....
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Phobos Comics is a trademark of dupret santana bejarano....I hope you enjoy it...hope to see you soon..

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Dupret Alberto Santana Bejarano it's a student of last semester of physics in the university of Sonora ... full profile