Phobos comics is a trademark of dupret santana Bejarano...Phobos comics is a creaton of my own, because i've created stories since i was 10 years old, so i had a lot of imagination...The name Phobos is because of one of the moons of mars...I loved astronomy since i was a child, so i got a nickname "Phobos", and my brothers still call me in that way....But well, inspired in that, i used my ancient nickname to name my comics inventions...and well, the Logo...Those who know something about quantum physics would smile with the Logo, because it's signifies Dirac's Notation...well, the operators P of momentum and C (well it's just my imagination)not the operator of speed of light...I wanted to show something of my own in the logo, so i created that way....
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Dupret Alberto Santana Bejarano ||   

He is from Mexico. He was born in one of the most beautiful states of this country (well, Mexico is very beautiful itself, now imagine one of the most beautiful places on it!!!)..."The city of the Sun", as is well known  Hermosillo city (the capital of Sonora), has been his home since ever. His familiy is composed by 9 brothers (5 men and 4 women) and his mother. He likes sciences, specially math and Physics; This last is the science he studies in his career. He wants a speciality in Astrophysics: "The dream of his life", as he  says...He also enjoy playing football soccer, which is his  favorite sport...Naturally, he writes  storys, Novels and comics (of course)...Nocturnal Curse is not his first comic created, but the first online....He is 21 years old now and he has a beautiful girlfriend called carolina...Well, he likes stories about vampires, werewolves, wizards and knights of the middle age...The Lord of the Rings (I,II and III) is one of his  favorites movies...He started to create Nocturnal Curse a year ago, and he likes it a lot....I hope you enjoy it too...!!!

Phobos Comics is a trademark of dupret santana bejarano....I hope you enjoy it...hope to see you soon..