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1st Squad Combat Team, Army of the Republic
The 1st SCT is led by the L.T. (el-tee) and consists of PVT Parts, the weapons specialist, and Keeper, a general purpose killbot. ... more
Man Jammie Jihad, Army of the Ikwhan
Abu, with his buddy Abu, are the vanguard of the Man Jammie Jihad whose intent, as best anyone can tell, is to get everyone into a swank pair of man jammies. ... more
Walt and Heimer
Walt and Heimer are the best characters in the Most Serene Republic. Caring, giving, willing, understanding, broad minded, educated, intelligent, witty and caring, did we mention caring. Plus, they believe...... ... more
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A soldier, statesman, prestidigitator, and cartoonists in the Most Serene Republic. Feel free to email me. ... full profile