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The Tragic Life of Pickles: The Shark-Hunting Vampire Surfer Bunny!!!

By: Kateristic

This is the story of Pickles.  He is a shark-hunting vampire surfer bunny with a tragic past.  His Mother was killed by a hit man when he was just a young kit.  Left to die in a field alone, Pickles and his siblings were taken in by a compassionate human family.  Unfortunately he was the only one to survive into adulthood. 

Then one night a small dog shows up on his family’s doorstep, covered in blood...they take it in and give it a bath. Unfortunately they discover that the blood was not its own.  The dog is a hit man hired by the same person who had Pickles mother killed.  But there is something strange about this dog-he is not just a normal dog with a skill for murder.  He is something supernatural...a vampire.

Pickles does not die after he is attacked...instead he lives and becomes something stronger....a vampire...and he is introduced into a whole new world.  The Animal Underworld...


A/N: The story is a loving parody of the cheesy and corny vampire stories-which I absolutely love and hate simultaneously.  The tale will be told in first person, and the plot will probably follow the stereotypical Heroes Journey pattern.  The main character is played by my very own bunny-Pickles (an adorable Holland Lopp).  The comic will be a combination of photography and paint....and I may incorporate some hand drawings from time to time.  I hope you enjoy the premise behind my comic-for I will try to make it as exaggerative and outrageous as possibleJ