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The Longest Sojourn: The Boy Who was King


Queen Athene
The present ruler of Sojourn. Although a a stern ruler and very capable warrior, she has a good head upon her shoulders and a soft spot for her only son. ... more
Crown Prince Keenan
Young Keenan is the only child of King Phodilus and Queen Athene. He is also the heir to the Sojournan throne. ... more
Prince Tytus
Prince Tytus is the hot-tempered younger brother to Queen Athene. ... more
Thorne Du'han
Thorne Du'han is the only son of General Nettlea Du'han and Captain Brambling. He is the finest warrior of his age and companion to the Crown Prince Keenan. ... more
General Nettlea Du'han
General Du'han is Queen Athene's most trusted General, and often performs the most important missions for her majesty. ... more
Captain Dunlin
Captain Dunlin is General Du'han's right hand man. He is noted for his distrust of any kind of mages. ... more
Daenon L'estrange
A travelling priest who arrives in Sojourn. All he wants is to be able to find a new life and settle down. ... more
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