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The Longest Sojourn: The Boy Who was King

Captain Dunlin

Dunlin rose to prominence when as a young recruit, he single-handedly fought and killed the mad To'ran Fire mage (but sadly, not before the mage had murdered Kng Phodilus).

He is considered exceptionally handsome, and is still seen as such even though half his face now sports burn scars from his encounter with the mad fire mage. As a result he greatly distrusts any kind of magic users, although he insists it's due to the their potential for destruction.

Dunlin does have a bad reputation of not always choosing to follow orders, citing he prefers to rely on his own independent thinking and appraisals. This puts him at odds with his commanding officer, General Du'han, but they bother share a bantering relationship where he continually disobeys her for reasons she cannot find fault with. Back to the Cast Page
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