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Should be at least 1 page a week

Pirate is the only survivor of a top secret training program called The Corsair Initiative. The Corsair Initiative was one of several programs started by Exodus Munitions Corporation which were designed to improve the quality of the soldier, instead of the quality of the weapons they wield, through extreme training regimens. The fact that Pirate is the only survivor of this program attests to both his ability and to the extreme nature of the training. It was too extreme and costly, in fact, and was scrapped shortly after Pirate completed it.
Following his time in the Corsair Initiative, Pirate was contracted by the US Government. He was to be used in situations where extreme force was necessary but the military could not be involved.
Next to nothing is known about who Pirate was before he was given his code name. He almost never removes his body suit, the uniform that was to be worn by all those who made it through the Corsair Initiative. No one has ever seen his face. Back to the Cast Page
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