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     Hey there, my name's Jake, but call me "dude" cuz I'll be more likely to respond that way.  I'm the artist/creator of Post Apocalyptic Comics' gritty sci-fi epic, "Iron Genesis."  You can check out the first several pages of the short story "Iron Genesis: Larvadale's Missing Persons" and various other artwork I've done in my pictures section on myspace as well as viewing the story pages here. I mostly work in black & white because the drama you get from the high contrast imagery is second to none. Though pen & ink is my favorite, I do "dabble" in other media such as my recent second favorite, water color. An official, stand-alone website is currently in the works, and it will feature a fuller gallery of my work, among other things. 

    Aside from all the comics/art stuff, I really love music, most especially of the heavy metal or punk variety. I listen to it (loud) and play it on my guitar (loud when i can), and it really helps inspire me to do my art.

    I'm also a big fan of video games and have been ever since my cousin showed me Super Mario Bros. on her brand new NES way back in the day. World of Warcraft is and has been my current favorite, im a troll shaman named Axon on the Khadgar server if ya play, though I have cut back on my play time lately to put in more time on my artwork.

    My girlfriend of 3 1/2 years, Michelle, is also into art, and I love her very much.  Her work isn't comic related, she is more of a painter with a unique, hard-edged style that is reminiscent of some pop art.

    That is all I can think to put in here for the time being, so check out the comic, enjoy, and let me know what ya think.   :D


-Post Apocalyptic Jake

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