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I'm really sorry. One more week of skipped strips. Follow me on Twitter to find out the EXACT MOMENT I get my act together!
You can now buy Freak U. Book Two right here!!!

Updates Wednesdays


Cosmo Sorenson
Our hero. MAJOR: Physics. ... more
Carlos Protagoras "Woodlouse" Wadlowski
Horndog sidekick & Frat leader. MAJOR: Changes constantly. ... more
Carol Chang
Harmless killer. MAJOR: Mathematics (TA) ... more
Lugo Kreitz
The guy on the couch. MAJOR: An eternal mystery. ... more
Rasta Genie. MAJOR: Law. No, really. ... more
Esmerelda Daville
Black magic woman. MAJOR: Pre-med. ... more
Vincent Francoletti
Rock monster. MAJOR: Music. ... more
Clever cat. MAJOR: English (via correspondance course). ... more
Norma Jean Baker
Sexy whatever. MAJOR: Anthropology. ... more
Professor Filbert Fallopius
Groovy mad scientist and mentor to Omega house. ... more
Dean Percival Weinerman
Crusty, bitter old dean. Suffers from obsessive need for control, and delusions of grandeur. Eternal, if currently rather ineffectual, enemy of Omega House. ... more
Supporting Cast: "Hairy" Larry Talbot Mo Leman Oona Raymond "Gnarl" Henderson

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Adam Prosser is a soldier of fortune and a man of mystery. A computer animator and butcher by training, he divides his time between creating webcomics and fretting about nothing in particular. He lives in a basement in Toronto, but is planning his escape. ... full profile