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Lemuria issue #1 is now available at ComiXology!

Updates Mondays
If you'd like to see the map in greater detail, Click here!
Charlie Green (oldbogus) says: I'm in love with the redhead!!
Chuck Whelon (chuckwhelon) says: Awsome job Adam great humor as always, and the art just gets better & better -- keep it up!
Adam Prosser (prankster) says: Thanks Chuck! It means a lot to me that you like the art. Some of these pages are going up without *quite* being finished...I apologize for that, it's a crazy week right now. But I'll be caught up very soon, and I hardly think they're unpresentable as is...
Josh Shepherd (bergerjacques) says: Hey, if it wasn't mostly unfinished, I wouldn't know I was reading an Adam Prosser comic.
Adam Prosser (prankster) says: Hey, mostly FINISHED. Not mostly unfinished. The glass is half-full. :)

It's just a couple of things, the shading mostly. I actually was thinking of doing this comic's colouring with no shading beyond the solid-black shadows, but then I've got fancy stuff like the sunset in pages 4 and 5 that seem to require more elaborate lighting effects. Anyway, it'll all be caught up this weekend.
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