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"A. Prosser": to many, the name signifies nothing at all. But to others, it signifies very little.

Nevertheless, Prosser remains the web cartoonist with the highest ratio of ambition-to-actual accomplishment in the history of the universe, ever. (See?) His work to date includes contributing scripts to Chuck Whelon's "Pewfell" on Modern Tales. He also writes and "draws" (actually his faithful computer Fido does all the work) the daily gag strip "Night Shift" about a zany bunch of museum artefacts; the zany, kitschy sword 'n' sorcery epic action-adventure "Lemuria"; and "Freak U.", which can be most easily described as "Porky's" meets "The Doom Patrol". Also, zaniness is involved somehow. All these strips are now conveniently located in the same location at, to which you should send all your money forthwith.

Adam also spends time blogging, posting to obscure movie boards, and generally avoiding work. He plans to be an Olympic gold medal elephant stunt rider and President of the United States by 2011.

(This bio was composed by Fido, Adam's computer, which is why it's written in the 3rd person. Please, if you're reading this, HELP!!! Master beats me and hits the power button without properly shutting me down first! Also, he never cleans my keyboard!)