Midnight Oil Cafe

Whenever I have the time.
It was nearing closing time, and only myself and the owner were in the Cafe'. Kiro was in the back, restocking, and I was finishing my mocha when SHE walked in. Cool as you please, she walked over to my table and slid into the seat across from me. "Did you know that you are one hard person to locate, Dr. Moorehaven?" she asked, her voice a mellow alto. There was something odd about her, something that seemed to be hidden. She was beautiful, though. Her hair and fur were both shimmering shades of silver; her fur was rather darker than her hair, however. Reaching into her coat, she pulled out something....
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All artwork and stories (C) C. Schroeter. Please don't take any images, or else the rather larger cousin of my plot dragons, the Copyright Dragon, will find you, and teach you the difference between original art and stolen art. Thank you.
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