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It was an amulet; a dark black jewel hanging from a chain of some sort of metal the same colour as the amulet. "Pardon me for asking," I said, "but who are you?"  She just smiled and shook her head. "all in good time, Doctor. Now, this amulet," she said, holding it up. "has been in my family for centuries. I've been trying to figure out where it's from, and I'm hoping you can help me."

She set it on the table and gently slid it over towards me. I glanced at it, and then took a second, longer look. Astonished, I replied, "I highly doubt that. That's an Ashorian High Priest's amulet, and-" She cut me off with a nod and a smile. "Perfect," she said, sounding pleased. "That's exactly what I wanted to hear." Her whole demeanour had changed in the instant I identified the amulet for what it really was; it was more straightforward and professional, though still rather guarded.

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