A sentinel of Atria, Zera has recently earned the right to travel the land to complete missions alone. This in itself isn't much of a noteworthy event. However, it has come to the attention of her superiors that while most will leave home for a week or two at the most; Zera spends nearly three times as much time away; returning mostly for supplies, or because she is ordered to do so. The common rumor is that she spends so much time in the field because she is searching for something. Free spirited and always looking for a challenge, she is fast on her way to becoming one of the best the sentinels have to offer. Though usually impulsive and quick to fight, Zera has made it her top priority never to do anything that would tarnish the name of Atria, the Sentinels or the Silver Shrine. Back to the Cast Page
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Um, well....there's not much to say really. Name's Priceman, I currently serve in the U.S. Air Force, I draw and write Silvershot, and not only am I the president; i'm also a client. I prefer to draw fantasy related works since I can make them into whateve ... full profile