Yet another addition to the WCN family. This, of course, is the title page of my comic Silvershot.

*Items of Note*

1). The art gets better (I promise)
2). The comic will be updating Mon, Wed, and Fri until I run out of pages (in which it will update every Friday until I get more time on my hands.
Page 1. I was still trying to decide weather or not to do a color or BW comic. I decided to color for the first few pages. You'll see a change soon.
Learned that coloring indoor backgrounds kinda sucks. I enjoy outdoor scenes better.
Thought about just coloring the important parts of indoor backgrounds to see how it looks. Didn't exactly work.
Change #1. Black and white with tones.

Page done using the Manga Studio program. I would love to be able to do the whole comic this way, but i really don't know the program very well yet.
Pretty proud of this one. Still adjusting to the Manga Studio program.
Had wrist surgery on my right hand (drawing hand) coming at the end of the month; so I was tring to get as many pages ready as possible. The last panel is one of my favorites.
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