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Action Screen

This popular screen channel is devoted entirely to action genres - mainly crime and detective shows, thrillers and kung fu, interspersed with fast and flashy science fiction, fantasy and horror shows. Action Screen also provides genre-based coverage of the ciné, fiction and comics of the Dome and has just bought the rights to a few classic Screen One serials, which the mainstream channel now deems too violent to fit its family image.


This pioneering crash band are the heroes of what has come to be called buzz-saw crash (see Crash music), and were one of the genre's first big successes, even notching up a number of mainstream hits. After losing their original rhythm section, the combo soon split, and the court battle over the band name rages to this day.

Notable personnel: Dik Tengu (vocals), Fat Ron (lead guitar).

Bastard Souls

Comics serial by X. Serialized in Crime Conflict Weekly, this long-running gangster saga is both infamous and extremely popular due to its lurid violence and complete absence of anything resembling a good-guy. Since its debut in M198 it has been creating controversy, much to the delight of its mysterious author.

The Bengal Tiger

This old-fashioned lounge is one of several venues owned and run by former fruit wholesaler Big Lou. This comfortable, dimly-lit haven is, however, somewhat notorious, and rumour has it that the house orchestra's perpetual mellowness stems from their substance intake rather than any attempt at building ambience.

See also Big Lou's

The Big Hundred

Running from noon to 4pm every Sunday on MuScreen - Minerva City's top screen channel for popular music - this chart extravaganza incorporates all one hundred top-selling singles plus brief interviews and features and run-downs on less mainstream genres. It is repeated throughout the week in short hour-long form. One of the insitutions of the Minervan music-fan's life, whatever their individual taste.

Big Lou's

The first venue opened by entrpreneur Big Lou, occupying what was once his fruit warehouse, this was until recently a thriving venue for small-time bands and a hangout for the young local crowd. However, following the shenanigans of our opening opus, poor ol' Lou has been forced to close down for a while…

Blood Circus

An amateur crash band, one of many hailing from Toomie Memorial Upper School in the East-23, a district now as famous for crash bands as for poverty. Their leader 'Ard Fist has penned such snappy numbers as "Cut You Up", but the band remain mercifully undiscovered.

Bobby & Billy

These youthful presenters of the popular screen show Wake Up It's Saturday are trying to expand into the pop market with such singles as We Know You'd Like To, but have met with a lukewarm reception and little chart success.

See also: Music One

Central (C-11)

There are fifteen districts designated Central, numbered logically from one to fifteen, but when natives of the Dome say Central they mean Central-11. As opposed to many of the Central districts, which are occupied mainly by Government buildings, Official Residences and corporate offices, C-11 is the leisure district of Minerva's officials and rich citizens. The wide streets are lined with chic eateries, expensive boutiques, fashion houses and fine arts galleries, including super-snob bar Virtue, the City Manager's favourite restauraunt The Central, and the exclusive Morgan Gallery, where superstar Keith Noise is currently exhibiting Women (I Have Licked).

The Central

This large and expensive restauraunt is the preferred haunt of many of Minerva's celebrities, especially from the music and fashion industries. It's known for the its multiple, differently-styled dining areas and private dining rooms as well as its superb quisine. In spite of the Central's relaxed atmosphere, however, it has a strict door policy, and only the highly fashionable are likely to find out what the food's like!

Briony Chellaston

A singer and composer, Briony's laidback, mellow sound is a fixture on the Rhythm 2 scene, but popular success eludes this quiet artist.


Ciné is sometimes considered the poor cousin of the Screen by the Dome's viewers, but the larger-than-life image and the broader scope (coupled with greater freedom from censorship) have attracted many talents over the years. In spite of its status as a minority-interest medium and a reputation for extremes of artiness, the Ciné scene is flourishing both as a source of new talent for the Screen and with a number of prominent names in its own right - including writer-director Maude Gombolini, whose recent collaborations with Jacky Lau, the most Heavenly King of Pop, have gained her a whole new audience, boosting the ciné scene's profile into the bargain.


Minerva's most influential pop-culture magazine. Published weekly, CinéCulture features news, reviews, gossip, articles and listings covering not only music but also the screen, ciné, arts and publications. The magazine's tradition of never printing bylines has continues unbroken since its inception, and due to the frequency with which the headings occur it is often referred to as "the Gossip and Bad News"!

The City Across the Bay

Minerva's most classic children's novel, written by Kelly Sturges, recounts the tale of a clan of mice who escape from Minerva's early scientist settlers and initiate a quest for the city they used to see across the bay on Earth, led by heroic rodent named Ellsworth Preston. Inspired by some brief true-life accounts of scientists losing mice, the author considered the existence of mice on Minerva a fact, but while most of the Domne's kids go through a phase of believing in mice, adults who do so are generally considered crackpots. Later adapted by the author into a picture-book for younger children, Ellsworth Preston and the City across the Bay.

Clearwater Brew

Clearwater Brew is the Dome's most inexpensive beer, lauched a few years back with the intention of undercutting Lead Pipe with its lower price and smarter image. It's not been as successful as anticipated, but as there's always a need for cheap beer the brand is doing quite nicely anyway.

Crash music

It's loud, it's raucous, and it's dominated by undernourished young men with heavily distorted electric guitars. Characterised by obsessive musicianship and the cult of the twiddly guitar solo, the genre has recently developed two strands, known as buzz-saw and brain-damage. The buzz-saw style is exemplified by Axmurder, whose hard'n'fast style was matched by their hedonistic, fun-loving aapproach to the music and to their lyrics. Brain-damage, on the other hand, favours more esoteric guitar soloing, longer songs and dark subject matter filled with overblown imagery - a style typified by the subgenre's heroes Zone Destruct and newcomers Nightmare Consortium.

Crime Conflict Weekly

The Dome's top-selling crime comics anthology, this is the home of X's infamous Bastard Souls as well as Josh Rice's exciting Surveillance Team.


Minerva's most popular - or at least most pervasive - fast food franchise, almost every district of the city has at least one. Owned by billionaire businessman Fred J. Crumble, they specialize in providing food and soft drinks of the inexpensive and super-fast variety - and while folk are known to moan about the quality of Crumble's fare, many do so clutching a Mega-Crumble Burger and a Quirk purchased at their local franchise.

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