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Jacky Lau

Perhaps the most Heavenly of the Heavenly Kings of Pop, handsome, rakish Jacky is the bad-boy of the bunch, with a tough, rebellious image and a reputation as the Dome's top ladykiller. Jacky's forceful stage presence and showmanship as well as his numerous pop anthems and heartfelt ballads made him a star, but he has also starred in two films by critically acclaimed cinéaste Maude Gombolini, and rumours of an imminent screen project abound.

Jacky's new single is entitled "Run For It".

The Minervan

The Dome's only broadsheet newspaper to survive without the dubious blessing of political sponsorship, The Minervan was founded in M159 by tycoon Clark Fontley, primarily as a platform to air his personal grievances against both of Minerva's main political parties. It has since acquired something of a trailblazing image… though this hasn't always helped The Minervan's circulation.

Orange Murphy

In the M180s and 190s, Orange and musical cohort Ray Kinescope headed the "Dance-Dance" movement with their dancefloor-oriented pop hits, later turning to more experimental styles and founding the highly influential Hamish Records. The first Rhythm 2 label, Hamish were to release some of the best of Ray and Orange's collaborations, as well as Orange's best loved solo albums. Yet these days, Orange is primarily known as the man who discovered Fairweather, and helped shape her career as her friend, mentor and producer.

The last Ray Kinescope/Orange Murphy album was Matchless in M205.

Music One

The music wing of the Screen One Corporation, Music One is a heavy hitter in the Dome's entertainment industry. The label is currently home to Heavenly King of Pop Ricky Khan as well as teen actress Janie Yip and presenters Bobby & Billy, all turning to pop after their success on Screen One!

Melody Nelson

This sophisticated songwriter and producer is the latest in a long line of stars, but he began his career behind the scenes, penning and producing hits for a slew of bygone stars, including Jimmy Holliday at the height of his fame. However, convinced that his songs were hit material without established names to back them up and in M205, inspired partly by Orange Murphy's discovery of Fairweather and partly by the new phase of pop ushered in by the Heavenly Kings, Nelson took some of his accumulated writer's royalties and founded his own record label, Pink Tone. From his new base he set out to discover talented young lovelies from all over the Dome, and set about making pop his own way. With his many and ever-changing Discoveries credited alongside writer/producer Nelson, he and co-writers Hewlett Keane and Al Milligan have carved out a solid niche in Minerva's pop pantheon.

Number One hit singles include You Split Me (Right In Half) by Melody Nelson with Apric & Erica, and Hot Spot by Melody Nelson with Amy.

His teenage "Discoveries" include Amy, Julie, Christy and twins April & Erica.

Nightmare Consortium

This upcoming crash band are at the forefront of the theatrical, doom-laden strand of brain damage crash, and the latest in a string of crashers to come out of Toomie Memorial Upper School in the impoverished district of East-23. After just one single on specialist label Viscera, singer, songwriter and lead guitarist Dark Wombat (otherwise known as Nick Savage) looks set to become a crash icon!

Single: "The Black Overlord Approaches".

Personnel: Dark Wombat (vocal & guitar), Ken Murch (drums), Lyle Wilson (bass).

Keith Noise

The Gastron Space Monkeys may have been silent of late, but founder and leader Keith Noise is still as high profile as ever, rarely out of the gossip columns due to both his oddities and his excesses, and currently puzzling all-comers with his debut fine art show Women (I Have Licked), a mixed media exhibition showing at the Morgan Gallery in Central.

Pink Tone

This small but prosperous label releases the work of Melody Nelson and his many "Discoveries", who include delectable twins April & Erica, as well as the more recent Julie, Amy and Christy.

Pop Celebrity Magazine

A little text and a lot of photos fill each issue of Pop Celebrity, a bright, cheap and cheerfully bitchy weekly compendium of pop gossip, chart news and glossy pictures of the extremely famous.

The Psychobabes

This young pop band have been together two years, gigging wherever and whenever they can as they hone their guitar driven sound and honestly emotional lyrics. Their first single was recently released by Keep It Simple Records, but in spite of the beginnings of a fanbase and a smattering of press coverage, the Babes are struggling, not helped by an emerging reputation for trouble at their gigs!

Personnel: Charlotte Usher (vocal, rhythm guitar), Isabel Usher (lead guitar), Ariane Shore (bass), Joanne Ashley (drums).

Debut single: "On the Head".

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