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Henry Anton
Henry Anton is 24, a season and a half younger than Pam. He's currently in a state of flux, drifting between temp jobs that range from well-paid to downright undignified... ... more
Pam Sage
Pam Sage is a successful designer. Her life is a whirl of work, clubs, gigs, contacts and friends and brief romances... ... more
Jane Cutler
Jane Cutler is a quiet person - sometimes too serious for her own good - and in her roguish lover she sees fulfilment for the wild streak she strives so hard to conquer? but sooner or later she'll have to make choices... ... more
Charlotte Usher
Charlotte is the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and principal songwriter of The Psychobabes ? the band she?s sure will make her and her songs famous! ... more
Isabel Usher
Isabel Usher is an average student, and she thinks of herself as ordinary, but she?s also lead guitarist with The Psychobabes... ... more
Ariane Shaw
Ariane Shaw is the Psychobabes? bass player. She?s sixteen, and she?s been playing bass since she was? well, sixteen... ... more
Jo Ashley
Jo Ashley is the eldest of the Psychobabes, a little older than her classmate Charlotte. As is fitting for a drummer, Jo is the practical one... ... more
Supporting Cast: Chow Sing Sing Clever Wu Sharla Wu Ugly Shing

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