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Henry Anton

Henry Anton is 24, a season and a half younger than Pam. He's currently in a state of flux, drifting between temp jobs that range from well-paid to downright undignified. A year after graduating, Henry was bigshot in the recently deregulated telecom industry - but the Breedon Communications Group went belly-up amidst rumours of dirty deals. A year later the company resurfaced as BCG and made a killing - amidst even more rumours of yet dirtier deals, though nobody could prove a thing - and Henry quit the industry in disgust. Henry is meandering through jobs trying to find a career, and he's not worrying about his love life right now partly cause he ain't got one.

Pam and Henry were friends in their hectic mid to late teens, then Henry went off to be a greedhead and Pam went off to party hard and be a groupie. They?ve now been back in touch a year or so, and their friendship is as valuable as ever to them, but both in their own ways are seeking to get back to the sense of being fully alive and participating that they had when they were adventuresome teenagers! Back to the Cast Page

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