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What is Spark Tower Music?

The Origins of Spark Tower Wilson's Silent Song

The District House in The Yards is where the community gathers around to listen to live music and to meet with each other.

Run-down industrial areas and their tired residential adjuncts. The neighbourhood where everyone knows everyone. The look that?s given to an outsider coming in, the look that?s given to an insider who?s leaving?

The blues. The feeling of leaving home. The implacable intrusion of adulthood into a young man?s relationship with his father. The romance against which all the odds are stacked?

From the first time we came up with the idea, we always knew exactly what Spark-Tower Wilson?s Silent Song was about. Details of the Yards and the lives lived there came to us with the natural clarity of facts, and the characters seemd to be already alive, just waiting for us to find them in our minds? but the story itself unfolded in a complex way, and there were times when we literally weren?t sure what was going to happen next.

Finding the graphic look.

The first version of the plot had a really bitter ending, where none of the characters had got what they wanted and they all hated each other. The second version was the same, only they made up years later. The third version we filled with sweetness and light. We didn?t use any of those!

And, as Jeff developed a style based on the freedom of the digital media rather than the limitations of the page and the photocopier, the way we told the story mutated as well. We had a very loose plot outline, and Jeff worked in bursts of inspiration ? I was quite often filling in the finished pages. Even in the sketch stage, though, I didn?t realize at first the extent to which Jeff?s style had expanded to fit the vision.

I was gobsmacked when I first saw the first finished pages. Rich hued and textured, brightly coloured but mellow, with a nostalgic feel to the palette like sepia, the images drawn in bold lines and loose curves, shifting in feel and emphasis like the colours, to fit the demands of the story?

There are four themes which are central to Spark-Tower Wilson?s Silent Song ? music, home, love and fathers and sons ? and we?re going to write a little about what each one of them means to us. To begin ? because in many ways that?s where the story began ? music.

Discuss this in the Progressions blog . View the SPARK-TOWER WILSON VIDEO TRAILER (11 MB WMV file)

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