updates ASAP!

This is the first page of my newest endeavor, Lies My Motherboard Told Me! A comic i wrote and will be drawing. Not a strong colorist so they will be just lineart for now. Anyone know a good colorist willing to work for free? hee hee...

Hey ok page two is done! i am going to make an effort to get at least 2 more pages out before the weekend is up. Wish me luck! Again, anybody willing to color, let me know... psy55cho@gmail.com


Yeah, two pages in one day! Whoo hoo! Now for page three so that tomarrow i can finish another three!!!! Sorry for all the shouting. Enjoy the comic. It will have lots of twists and turns.

Ok, 3 pages in roughly 12 hours. I feel great! I will set a goal of 2 pages for tomarrow! Wish me luck!

Sure ive been neglecting my other comic, but this one shows more promise!

Yay! Any body wanna color this? I have made a few spelling errors but i do plan to fix them. Let me know if you enjoy it!

Oh man this is going to knock my socks off!! The next 10 or so pages planned are giving me goosebumps!! I will have a table at STAPLE! Independent Media Expo in Austin if anyone is interested in checking out the full comic and in full color!! I will have a sample 10 pages printed for the Austin Nerd Cave Showcase plus live drawing at both shows!

Yea! 10 down and 10-ish more to go! Conspiracy is running deep! don't miss the next pages!

Yay Color!

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