Frequently Asked Questions

Hey alot of people around here have been asking me a bunch of questions so I figured I'd answer them.

What kind of characters should I use if I was to make a comic?

Use the people around you if you have permission if not use yourself and characters based on those people.

How do I make a comic?

Ok I'll walk you through this only once!! (1) Think of what type of comic you want to draw. (2) Think of what you want your characters to look like and draw them (in pencil not pen) on a pad of sketch paper. (3) Add speech bubbles and ink over the whole picture. (4)This better be a no brianer step scan it on to your computer. Then use MS paint or some other tool to ad the words. (5) Import it in to a Photoshop or GIMP program to reduce the size of the comic. (6)Either post the comic directly or use an image server to post your comic on your page.(Some hosts require FTP.)

Why do you come up with such messed up comics?

Cause I'm messed in the head simple as that.

Once I have a comic how do I promote it?

You have lots of sites at your disposal the best are Buzzcomix,The Webcomic List, OnlineComics and Comixpedia .

If you have any questions feel free to E-mail me and ask them.

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