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Half man, half cabbage, Dave Hailwood can often be found hanging around near drain covers on a never ending quest to bag himself a Ninja Turtle.

He smells vaguely human, though not in a good way.

He has also been know to attempt fitting the word 'Spoogle' into casual conversation, with limited success.

He writes comedy material for anyone who'll take it, and occassionally dabbles with cartooning and comic script writing.  His day job's not even worth mentioning here, but then again whose is?

He's always available for paid work, and indeed unpaid work if you know the right hand-shake.

He also seems to have developed a tendancy to start every sentance on this bio with the word 'he'.  He hopes this isn't a habit that slips over into his normal life.  He's off to get himself a nice cup of tea. 

He's going now...going...going...