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Ummm... Anyone read Negima #1?
First, some background information. Lindsay and I had finished up our work for the day and were sitting around watching random anime downloads when we came across the Ken Akamatsu anime, Always My Santa. We're both familiar with Ken's work, so we thought we knew what to expect. And it was everything we expected, but somehow far worse.

I can't even remember the last time I actually got angry at a cartoon. I paused to the AVI, turned to Lindsay, and expressed my profound dejection and disappointment with the handling of the material. It was the most awful Christmas special in the history of Christmas specials. The man figured out how to ruin everything I cherished about Christmas. And when a Jew is angry with you for destroying the spirit of Christmas, well buddy, you're really fucking things up!

That's when I asked Lindsay, "What would be the most inappropriate subject for Ken Akamatsu to turn into one of his harem shows?" After some discussion we agreed an Akamatsu directed Holocaust harem show would be by far the most inappropriate and offensive anime or manga ever produced.

And, as strange as it is, that is what motivated me to devote myself to creating the Otaku Contemporary strips. Concentrated Love or A New Direction was the first strip I created, but I wanted to hold off posting it until people had a better idea of what to expect from the strips. Now you can read it in all of its glory.
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