The Adventures of Powerdude!

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And with that, we segue...
Dave III (dave_iii) says: Ok, this is what I like to call a "good start". Looking forward to where this goes. ^_^
Dave III (dave_iii) says: *Snerk* Don't ask, you don't want to know.....
Stephen Cornell (5towersdude) says: Dear MP, (aka Queen of Capes), Treehome mentioned your webcomic to me. I note the existence in the parallel universe of Applegeeks of one Powerdude. Just notin'! Congrats on your comic! All Blessings, Mr. C.
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Miss Potts is a superhero fan whose love for Superman and Batman may not be entirely healthy. An accomplished Fanfic writer, she has made her debut into the world of webcomics with a fluff-piece known as the Adventures of Powerdude. ... full profile