Mary Potts ||   

I fell in love with superheroes--Supes and Batsy especially---when I was six years old.  At first, I think it was just the bright colors and the cornball lines.

         Batman:  What did the magnet look like?

         Marvin:  Well, it looked like a 'U'.

         Superman:  It looked like Batman?


A s I grew older, though, my love grew deeper.  Where a six-year-old saw funny costumes, a twelve-year-old saw dreamy romance (Superman/Lois, Batman/Catwoman, Robin/Me...)  and a twenty-year-old would later see pop-cultural icons whose potent Jungian symbolism taps into the root of nationalism, sexual identity, and the struggle between nature and nurture.


Anyway, this love of a genre (and certain characters therein)  combined quite nicely with my love of writing and art; thus, piles and piles of fanfiction and now a webcomic.  Of course, don't expect a lot of Jungian imagery to crop up in The Adventures of PowerDude.  Unless it's funny and I feel like it.   TAPD is mostly for my inner 6-yr-old and 12-yr-old.  I save the deeper stuff for term papers.