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ROFL Member List

ROFL Roster:



Tony - Team captain. A little hard on everyone younger than him.

Matt L - Team captain. More understanding than Tony, but short-tempered with the freshmen.



Amy - Twin to Tyler. No robotic experience, but full of enthusiasm.

Tyler - Twin to Amy. A little grumpy and tends to be quiet.

Allen - Kai's cousin. Very quiet and shy. Often overlooked by the others.



Matty M - The nice guy of the team, he gets along with everybody.


Freshmen (Frosh Club):

Chris - Agreeable and hard-working, but is guilty by association when the Frosh Club makes trouble.

French Fry - Excitable, over-enthusiastic, and a little strange. Hates the attitude of the seniors.

Quinn - Perpetually annoyed and absolutely hates the seniors. Hard to get along with.

Kai - Cousin to Allen. Recruited into the Frosh Club by happenstance. Energetic and outgoing.




(Hopefully pictures to come soon!) 

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