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Akami Endoh
Akami acts childish and is slightly naive, but she's a good person. After her father died when she was little, it was just her, her mother and grandfather, but her mother was always working to support the family. She practically raised herself, with the h ... more
Lance Slater
Akami's otaku and cosplay fanatic boyfriend. He's always dressed up, so no one can ever really see what he looks like, but no matter who he dress' as, Akami can always spot him out. He became a cosplay fanatic because he was teased about his unusual eye c ... more
The definition of strict. Akami summoned him at school in the form of a mutated bunny/rat and named him 'Carbuncle' right ont the spot. But he was really summoned for a mission- to protect and train Akami to save the world form the demons breaking out of ... more
Vincent Calahan
Vincent gives off the 'I-hate-you-and-the-world' attitude, and that's how he really is. After his father remarried, he gained stepbrother whose presence he can't stand in the process, and he became hateful of the world. His father and stepmother made him ... more
Torren Leingod
Torren is an animal lover that is just as insane as her friends, and maybe twice as perverted. She has a very loyal nature that tends to get her in arguments; even with those she is most loyal too. She regularly gets into fights with her friend, Tsumi, wh ... more
Marcus Stain
He's Vincent's stepbrother, and a flirty womaizer with the intelligence level of a five year old child. But that doesn't stop Torren from building a shrine and worshipping him, even though he doesn't realize she likes him. His innocent and childlike natur ... more
Lassen Forsythe
Lassen originally died in the year 1799 after a mysterious attack on his family on his thirteenth birthday. Until he met Akami and Mikomi, he and his family's spirits were slaves to the mysterious attacker. After a trip to the past and back, Akami retriev ... more
Mikomi Ishimaru
Mikomi is one of the more laid-back ones of the group. She's a bit shy around new people, but she's not afraid to let others know what shes' thinking or stand her ground. She's pretty loyal to her friends, so it wa ... more
Mika Haze
Mika is quite the interesting person as not much is known about her, only that she escaped from the towns asylum not too long ago. She and Akami somehow crossed paths and Akami's been helping and hanging out with her ever since. A rather dark and straight ... more
Marshmallow is Mika's teddy bear she designed with a suicidal look. He frightens alot of people, but Akami and everyone else seem to like him. ... more
Tsumi Hasegawa
Tsumi is one of the more level-headed ones of the group. She can't stand Marcus and hates the way this parents make Vincent babysit him all the time. Very opinionated, especially when it comes to guys. And Torren always gives her a hard time for liking Vi ... more
Shimizu Michiyo
Shimizu is a freshman at the high school where Akami and her friends attend. Akami was nice to her one day, and she's stuck to them like a tick since. She's a bit on the whiny and annoying side. And with her powers, Akami loves changing her into random an ... more
Nikita Masters
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Virgil Force
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Paige Waterdale
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