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Life for Akami Endoh has always been normal, despite her dysfunctional family and even more dysfunctional friends. But all that changes just a few months before her 17th birthday, after she somehow manages to summon a strange, talking, rabbit-like creature at school, and almost destroying it in the process. Later at home, the creature tells her a story of a band of warriors surrounded by light that banished blood-thirsty demons to the Dark Abyss centuries ago, a story her grandfather told her when she was little. He then reveals that Akami herself is the decendant of the Being of Light, and that she also has unimaginable powers. Too much in fact. So to help Akami better control her powers, her friends offer themselves up as seals to help protect her, gaining part of her power for themselves. And when demons once again threaten the very existance of the human race, it's up to Akami and her insane friends to save it. But can the world truly be protected by a group of delinquints who would rather use their new powers for their own good than save the world?

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 Ill give you a cookie if you can tell who this is!!!!!

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