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I'm going to be running some guest strips in the coming weeks, while I get ahead on work.
The first comes to us from Joshua Smeaton! These are some of his diary comics, from 2003. Thanks, Josh!

Do you have a tale of Dental Drama you would like to share? I'm looking for one-page, true story comics about teeth. Please email me if you want to submit one! goRaina [AT] yahoo [DOT] com.

Today's comic, totally appropriate for Halloween, is by Sarah McIntyre! It turns out Sarah and I have a few things in common, when it comes to our dental experiences.

Do you have a tale of Dental Drama you would like to share? I'm looking for one-page, true story comics about teeth. Please email me if you want to submit one! goRaina [AT] yahoo [DOT] com.

This week's strip comes from my talented buddy Phil McAndrew, who (for the record) has PERFECT TEETH.

I got this super-sweet guest strip from a long-time reader, Christian Marra. Thank you, Christian!

Here's a Thanksgiving guest strip from my great friend Alisa Harris! Please be extra careful not to lose a tooth when you eat your tofurkey or turkey or turducken or whatever tomorrow, everyone.

Today, a guest comic from the ridiculously talented Faith Erin Hicks, whose new graphic novel Zombies Calling has just debuted from Slave Labor Graphics.

Faith warned me that she had no dental drama of her own, but I think she still came through with this hilarious true tale!

Today's comic is by the excellent Leigh Dragoon, who is too tough to let dental drama get her down!

I have an announcement coming up next week that should explain why I've needed to take some time off from SMILE. It's comics-related, of course! Stay tuned...

Today's guest strip is from the very talented Laura Williams! I can relate to every word. Be sure to check out her sketchblog,
A Life In Scribbles! Thanks, Laura!

And now, for my special announcement...

My husband Dave and I are scripting a shoujo-manga X-men series for Del Rey and Marvel Comics, to be drawn by Indonesian artist Anzu! We're really excited to be involved in this project.

This week's comic comes from my friend Ryan Estrada, who has one of the most exciting lives ever. He travels all over the world, making comics and videos and friends and general mayhem. Ryan is a force to be reckoned with!

Happy Day-After-Christmas, everyone. Today's comic comes from my monstrously talented friend Lucy Knisley, who pumps out comics at an alarming rate--and they're always amazing! Thank you for making this one for me, Lucy. :)

Happy New Year, everyone. I hope you've enjoyed reading about the true dental dramas of some of my friends. I may run a few more if people send them to me (email me if you'd like to do one!), but from now till April-ish, SMILE will be on hiatus. I'm hard at work on the fourth Baby-sitters Club graphic novel, and writing the script for the first X-men manga!

But, I promise that SMILE will return--in fact, I hope that 2008 is the year I am finally able to finish the story!


In the meantime, I usually update my blog a couple of times a week if you want to see what else I'm up to.

This is my convention schedule for the first part of the year:
Kids' Comic Con: Bronx, NY, March 29
New York Comic Con, NY, NY, April 18-20 (I'll be taking part in kids' programming)
Stumptown, Portland OR, April 26-27 (where I'll be a special guest!)

See you all in a few months. Don't forget to brush and floss every day...

Hey, would you look at that! A new guest strip from Colleen Frakes, who is a recent Xeric Award recipient! Look for her book, TRAGIC RELIEF, to come out in the spring of 2008.

Thanks for the comic, Colleen!

Today, we have a delightful guest strip from my pal Colleen MacIsaac. For some reason, my OWN wisdom teeth removal was no big deal, but I'll tell you about that another time.

This week's comic is courtesy of my friend Alec Longstreth, one of the hardest-working, most positive people I've ever met. I like this comic because it's about the little ways that braces can affect a person's life, for worse or for better.

By the way, if you want to see one of the BSC4 pages I just finished, follow this link!

This week, a very sweet guest strip from Jennifer Ruggiero! Thanks, Jennifer!

Hey hey, a rad guest strip this week from my comics chum and old SVA classmate, Jess Fink! I think Jess and I were the only girls in the first comics class I took...nowadays, the cartooning department is 50% girls. Pretty awesome.

Yay! My buddy Joey Weiser had braces up until pretty recently, and he drew this awesome comic...which I'm IN!! Check out that last panel!! It's me and Dave in front of our Comics Bakery banner at a convention...he even put our books on the table. You rock, Joey.

Man, Julia Wertz and I actually have a lot of dental history in common. But even though I've been through many of these forms of torture, looking at this comic still manages to make me cringe! The mark of a talented cartoonist, for sure.

And, for anybody new to SMILE, hello! Welcome to my true tales of dental misfortune! I've been running guest strips for a few weeks now, but the main story begins here!

Today, my great friend Tyler Page brings us a Christmas-Day Tooth Tale. Sorry you had a sucky Christmas that year, Tyler, but it made for a good comic!

And while we're here, let me send you over to Rachel Nabors' site, where she explains a necessary, expensive, long, and excruciating UPCOMING dental experience she's about to go through! Rachel doesn't have insurance, and is going to have to pay for her expenses out-of-pocket. She's a prolific, award-winning cartoonist who posts weekly to Gurl.com, and she could use your help. Click the banner to learn more!
Fix Rachel's Wonky Mouth
And, for anybody new to SMILE, hello! Welcome to my true tales of dental misfortune! I've been running guest strips for a few weeks now, but the main story begins here!

To everyone visiting my site at the moment, hello! Welcome to the true story of how my mouth got messed up, and then fixed.

I've been very, very busy wrapping up the final book in the Baby-sitters Club Graphic Novel series, which will hit stores this November. I've also been working on a few exciting behind-the-scenes projects that are taking me away from working on SMILE at the moment, but they will be worth the wait!

If you're new to SMILE, you can begin reading about my dental drama here. If you're waiting for the comic to return from its hiatus...please be patient with me, as I promise to pick it up again soon! In fact, I've written the final story arc, and can't wait to begin drawing it!

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John Platt (johnplatt) says: Wow, does this take me back. I had braces for five years -- five long, hellish, painful years!
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