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Edgy Mama (edgymama) says:

Hi Raina,

Your comics are awesome! My eight-year-old daughter hit a metal pole on the playground with her front tooth and is having a root canal next week. I let her read your comics, which she loved--and they made her feel better prepared for her procedure. They also made her realize that she doesn't have it quite so bad!

Thank you!

Edgy Mama  www.edgymama.com

Rebecca Y. (beckygreat) says:

Dear Raina,      

I love your comics! They have wonderful illustrations. Right now, I have braces. I'm going to have them for 2 years. anyways, I hope I could get more of your comics!

Your fan,


P.S. I'm your Mom's student! ^_^                                                           

Valia Kapadai (valium) says:

oooh my... this comic makes me ACHE !! it's like a weird trip back to memory lane, since me and my teeth never got along...... they [my teeth] have actually been published as an dental essay on weird/difficult medical cases, which should make them proud.... I'll be reading this, despite the..pain !!;p


take care and a happy new year !!



Fiona Buckingham (i-like-cheese) says:

looks painful! :)

Lee eunmin (min-a) says:

hi~ I'm really enjoyed your comics.I'm a korean Dental hygienest and now i wanna learn English that using in dental clinic . Your comics can make my language skill improve. Thank you~

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