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Sound Doctrine

Mondays and whenever I feel like it
They must have come down for camp.

The Herron, my college's newspaper where this strip is also published, will not be starting up until another three weeks, after the school/church/missions board's camp meeting, which sends all campus life into a standstill, ends. As is I am a few weeks ahead of the newspaper with strips on this site. In order to entertain the internet crowd (which is only a crowd when three's a crowd) without spoiling the surprise for print readers, I will be posting strips for this site only. I hope to have a strip up at least once a week.

Yes, I did recycle and slightly tweak some of the last strip's artwork for this week. Not having to re-invent the wheel is one of the perks of digitally-drawn webcomics. I promise this will not be like Dinosaur Comics where the same artwork is used every week.

The character on the left in the second panel is Antonio the Anteater, some character I invented in Middle School but never put in any strips or stories. The A on his sweater stands for Antonio, not Alabama, not Archie, not Adulteress, not whatever else you would like it to represent.

The character on the right is a nameless bison in an argylle sweater is another character I invented but never put in strips. I would draw doodles of this character my freshman year of college for his sheer randomawesomness. I tried to submit a doodle of him for that year's yearbook, but the advisor thought it was something demonic, so I submitted a pear instead. Apparently he wasn't as friendly looking as he is here.

So basically, this strip was an excuse to feature these guys in a comic. Have I lost  your interest yet? I sure hope so. Otherwise I pity your lack of social and or economic livelihood.

Mohamed Habib (mogeking) says:

I think you should do a miniseries starring Antonio and... Balthazar...he looks like a Balthazar! anyways, like the new style, I promise I wont give away all your witty bits!

-Its me...Mo

Joel Wilson (ramblingfriar) says:

Mohamid, your wish has been granted (in a way): http://www.webcomicsnation.com/ramblingfriar/tonybaltho/series.php

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