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Sound Doctrine

Mondays and whenever I feel like it
Rob's shoes and pants make him look like a genie.

This piece of infantile scribbling is a result of procrastination, oversleeping, and working on another painting for an event. I finished drawing this on Saturday but did not get it formated until Sunday.

Contrary to popular rumors, I do not sleep on the couch every night. I usually sleep in my dorm room. I just prefer to draw couches over beds.

Mohamed Habib (mogeking) says:

your shady attempts to divert the truth have fallen un unwilling ears... COUCH SLEEPER I KNOW THEE!

Joel Wilson (ramblingfriar) says:

Slander! Nothing but pure slander! Silence the slanderous Moor!

Mohamed Habib (mogeking) says:

...I will make the pay fiend!

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