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Extra Comics, Panels, Et Cetera

Below are images of the hanged Combine on the dresser and chair being knocked over. I spent a lot of time setting these up, so I don't want them to be stuck in the background being 5 pixels tall.

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Some closer pictures of various characters:

Michelle. She's actually sort of a reference to Michelle from Concerned by Christopher C. Livingston.

This guy never really appeared. He truly was hiding behind that door.

The slide guy. Looks kind of like Ben, doesn't he?

That's just a stun stick. I was having fun with the Inflator tool. Oh,  you can see the two

She has a maniacal look on her face...nice angle, though.

See, his hand isn't giant, it's just in the foreground.

Unintentionally, I made him wistfully watching the stunstick lady. Unrequited love and all. Poor sap. I like how is pose came out.

Don't really have a name for her. The Combine Setter. I guess she's not afraid to get close to those silly Combine. I actually think she's the same ragdoll as Michelle from

In the spirit of Randomness Productions, this whole sliding guy ordeal was pulled out of the air as I was making it.

the chair setting guy. Kind of looks like his hand is really another set of fingers...

The fifteen images of a firefight featured in comic #161. As usual, comments can be seen by hovering over the image.

Okay. Now, this firefight was made by placing a bunch of these Rebels in the places they are (with AI disabled) across from a bunch of Combine with the same guns. Well, there were two Elites with AR2s as well.The guy is a ragdoll, statued and welded to the newspaper and the gun. I positioned a camera here and turned on AI.every two seconds or so, I'd take a picture, and this is what came out. I had to narrow it down to two pictures, however, so all these others went to waste. I decided I'd show them like so.Everyone seems to know that the Combine are there now. That Kyle lookalike on the far right has moved very little since the last picture.Shots are fired. Heh. the guy on the far left looks like he's explaining something to someone in the middle of battle. Ooh, blood spatter. Shots have definitely been fired.Kind of looks like a few of them are looking over at the camera, doesn't it? Happened in the picture before this, happened in the first picture.See that pack on the lower left? I think that's someone falling after getting hit.And the person who's down now was (s)he who I was talking about in the previous comment. I like how it looks like (s)he is holding hisher head.  You can kind of see bullet lines in this picture, near the newspaper.Ah, there we go. Caught midfire. That fallen person was not planned whatsoever, though (s)he was hoped for.Turned out really well. Oh. watch that guy this the long, red rifle type thing.He was backpedaling. Interesting, huh? I wonder if he ran out of ammo. He doesn't have an SMG, so he can't take any from fallen comrades. Smart fellow.Bullet lines, clearly visible. I'm happy at how well these turned out.There is nothing written here.They're spreading out to see if there are more. Leaving the newspaper guy there. Really funny that he was the only stationary person (aside from the dead one) throughout the thing. and here's a slideshow of all this:

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Here's the link, just in case.


 This is really the only interesting failed panel from comic # 162. What happened here was the blast from the grenade tossed away the camera I had set for it as I was taking a picture. Or rather, I took this picture as it flew. either way, it's kind of cool. Too bad the explosion wasn't visible.

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