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Whenever it can.
This is the first of (hopefully) many Carroll style webcomicky things. Made completely from illustrations in his works and dialogue that kind of resembles his own. sort of. maybe. woo.
These are pretty fun to do.

I realize now that this uses all of the illustrations from Chapter VI (Pig and Pepper) of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Very Interesting...

Also, I've chosen to implement a panel guide up top there. This one doesn't quite need it, but it'll be useful in future installments.

There's a reason why the happy birthday is awkwardly placed, even though I fixed this particular installment. The reason is that Carroll's comment is meant to be a stinger of sorts. Like, the Happy Birthday is the last hurrah, and Carroll is the post-script (That's PS for those of you who forget where acronyms come from).

This installment probably needs the panel guide more than any other.

A general rule of thumb I should employ is just to make a comic. Doesn't matter whether it's good or not, because it'll be good. 

I notice now that the older installments of Here we Come a-Carrolling were more straightforward with regards to panel flow, but lately I've been implementing panel guides no matter what. Just making it a habit is all. Which is nice.

Incidentially, this is the first color Carrolling comic! woo. yay.  In my eyes, Alice is blonde and wears a blue dress. Blue, white and yellow are the Alice colors, anyway.

Yeah...this isn't an April Fools joke. Except that it makes no sense.
The way I color is how I've always imagined the colorings. That showed at some point with the Caterpillar. He's described outright as being blue in the story, but I forgot about that part and made him green like I've always imagined him, but I fixed it later on because he actually IS blue, so...

This is the first Sylvie and Bruno comic for "Here We Come A Carrolling". A panel from Sylvie and Bruno was used in the Lewis Carroll Birthday Comic, but there hasn't been a full-fledged Sylvie and Bruno comic. I plan to have the Sylvie and Bruno comics flip back and forth between reality and Fairy-World, just as the books did.

I accidentally saved the .psd as a flattened file, rather than with all the layers. I did that with the Carroll Birthday comic too, so if I made any mistakes, they're stuck there until I feel like reconstructing the comic entirely. 

The first ever Hunting of the Snark comic. I plan to go through each illustration and make a one-panel comic out of it.

146 years ago today, Lewis Carroll and three Liddell sisters (Edith, Lorina and Alice) and another man (who was rowing) went on a boating trip. Carroll told a story during that trip that became the outline for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland; the story we all know as Alice in Wonderland. That was Alice's (from Wonderland; not Liddell) birthday. The rest is history. Or, more accurately, ingrained in popular culture.

Happy One hundred and forty-sixth Birthday, Alice! 

This was initially supposed to appear after the Sylvie and Bruno Comic, but I skipped it, not realizing until now. And now it's here! Good thing, too, since it's hilarious in my humble opinion.

Another Hunting of the Snark single panel comic. As I said I would a while back, I'm going through Henry Holliday's illustrations for Hunting of the Snark and making one-panel comics out of them.

I'm working on another Alice comic, so be on the lookout.

What's cool about this comic is that maybe half of the Red Queen's dialogue is straight from Through the Looking-Glass.

Also, you may notice an exclamation point with two dots under it. That is not a mistake.

Also also, I'm amused that the blurring colors of the Red Queen and Alice ended up making a sort of spectrum.

Also also ALSO, this comic addresses the common mix-up/mash-up between the Red Queen and the Queen of Hearts. I will now list the differences between them, so you don't mix them up:

1. The Red Queen is very clearly a chess piece as opposed to a playing car.

2. The Red Queen is not evil; only strict. In fact, some folk think that she was based on a governess of the Liddell children. In fact, The Red Queen helps Alice in Through the Looking-Glass.

3. The Red Queen is only found in Through the Looking-Glass, not in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

4. The Red Queen does not hate Alice, nor is she outright mean to her. Once again, she helps Alice in Through the Looking-Glass and even gives her a bisquit to quench her thirst.

5. The Red Queen is not overly competitive. Even though Alice takes the place of a White Pawn in Through the Looking-Glass, the Red Queen still helps and guides her, despite the fact that they are on opposite teams and that Alice's vague goal is to become a Queen, which severely threatens the Red Pieces.

6. The Red Queen and the Queen of Hearts are never seen coexisting. This doesn't mean they are the same character; it means that they are in different worlds: Looking-Glass Land and Wonderland, respectively.

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