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Whenever it can.

What's cool about this comic is that maybe half of the Red Queen's dialogue is straight from Through the Looking-Glass.

Also, you may notice an exclamation point with two dots under it. That is not a mistake.

Also also, I'm amused that the blurring colors of the Red Queen and Alice ended up making a sort of spectrum.

Also also ALSO, this comic addresses the common mix-up/mash-up between the Red Queen and the Queen of Hearts. I will now list the differences between them, so you don't mix them up:

1. The Red Queen is very clearly a chess piece as opposed to a playing car.

2. The Red Queen is not evil; only strict. In fact, some folk think that she was based on a governess of the Liddell children. In fact, The Red Queen helps Alice in Through the Looking-Glass.

3. The Red Queen is only found in Through the Looking-Glass, not in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

4. The Red Queen does not hate Alice, nor is she outright mean to her. Once again, she helps Alice in Through the Looking-Glass and even gives her a bisquit to quench her thirst.

5. The Red Queen is not overly competitive. Even though Alice takes the place of a White Pawn in Through the Looking-Glass, the Red Queen still helps and guides her, despite the fact that they are on opposite teams and that Alice's vague goal is to become a Queen, which severely threatens the Red Pieces.

6. The Red Queen and the Queen of Hearts are never seen coexisting. This doesn't mean they are the same character; it means that they are in different worlds: Looking-Glass Land and Wonderland, respectively.

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