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There is nothing more gratifying to a gorehound than going into a video store, digging through the movies for sale, and finding a cool-looking horror flick that we haven't seen. These are stories about just that...

I had never been to Blockbuster of Poway before. I assumed it would be like all other Blockbusters, and it was. But that was a good thing. Because I'd recently discovered something new and cool at my local BV. The $3.99 rack. Oh yes, it's quite glorious. All the movies that don't get sold for ten or five bucks end up on the lonely little shelf. And that's fine with me. That's where I go mining for gold. On this expedition, I came across Evil Aliens. Looked pretty good. Price was right. So I snapped it up and brought it home. At this point, it could go either way. I've been burned plenty of times by blind-buying movies. In this case, though, I was pleasantly surprised. Evil Aliens is loaded with gore and sprinkled with cool references. Watchmen and Day of the Dead, to name but two. The plot involves aliens landing in Welsh farm country, and the pseudo news team there to investigate. The production feels very ambitious, and a little Peter Jackson-esque. Nothing wrong with that. There are a lot of CGI effects, where there have to be, but when it comes to the gore, it's 98% practical. This is one of those flicks where it feels like someone really wanted to make it, and that might've made me enjoy it even more. Whatever might be responsible, I really liked it. That's $3.99 well spent.

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