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There is nothing more gratifying to a gorehound than going into a video store, digging through the movies for sale, and finding a cool-looking horror flick that we haven't seen. These are stories about just that...

Oh man, what a find. Four bucks! Holy crap. Of course, I had already seen Behind The Mask, and knew just how awesome it is. So when I was in Albertsons one night, perusing their cheapie DVDs, I was thrilled to come across this little gem. It's about some journalism students following around a slasher, learning how he does what he does. Really funny, really good. Awesome villain/anti-hero--that better come back! Not sure how the sequel would work, though they could go at it from Cannibal Holocaust found footage angle, and go from there. Something like that. Anyway, great movie. Anchor Bay has been putting out some sweet stuff.

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