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Welcome! I would like to introduce myself, I am Ali M., also known as Rein Akira. I still consider myself an amature in the world of comic-creating, but I am also very pleased with how my skills have progressed throughout the years. I create both original works and doujinshi (fanmanga) of various genres, but I prefer the shoujo style with the drama/romance genres. I encourage you to take a look at my work and tell me what you think of it! Enjoy!

~Rein Akira

Yamakaji Daichi is a second year that attends Sengyou High School, a school that contains some of the most violent and explosive Weapon Specialists in Japan. However, Daichi is not really notorious for his "academics." He's better known as the school's pl
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My name is Rein Akira. My art is predominantly manga. I draw both original work and doujinshi (fan work) and the genres in my stories vary (though I prefer the Drama/Romance/Comedy combo). ... full profile