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Christmas at Blocksberg - a tale of one Countess's own personal War on Christmas, guest-starring Santa Claus, Santa Claus, Santa Claus (Perkele!) and Santa Claus. A sequel to The Double.

Christmas at Blocksberg is completed. Read it from the beginning
Alcydia Von D?nnerwetter



Alcydia is a member of the Undercity Royal Family. With her cousin and rival Duchess Gu?r?n of Dunghill Fens she is believed to be second or third in the line of succession, although such matters are solely in the hands of the reigning queen. Alcydia hails from a long maternal line of noble witches, including persons of historical note such as Amoralia von D?nnerwetter (exiled to Iceland for introducing base and worldly fashions at court), Anemica von D?nnerwetter (an influential politican married to a Transylvanian noble), Atrocititia von D?nnerwetter (nicknamed the Queen's "Iron Maiden") and Anorexica von D?nnerwetter (author of the only cooking book ever put on the Vatican's index).

Being well versed in the blackest of the dark arts and having a penchant for outr? costumes, Alcydia is rumoured to be collecting bizarre instruments of torture for a hobby and generally being mad as a hatter. Because of her excellent prospects and family fortune, she is none the less the number one prize for prowling bachelor nobles at court. For some rare stallionswarts such as the Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel, who are either brave enough or dumb enough to look past mere apperances, she is also regarded as, quote, "a sexy little powder-keg".

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