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Completed. Read from the beginning.


Queen Elspeth
Elspeth is queen of witches. Her kingdom has no borders. She demands obedience from every witch and wizard within her sphere of power. Like most "royalty" of this period, she's a ruler not by heredity or democratic election: She does it just because she ... more
Kel Mansdottir
A young woman who can't seem to make her mind up whether she wants to be a witch or a musician. ... more
Krakatoa Hekl?dottir
Candidata Arcana from the Wittenberg Academy and junior witch. She moved to Clwyd-Rhan after an internship in Iceland. ... more
Alcydia von D?nnerwetter
Countess. Cousin and rival to the Queen. Up to no good. ... more
Duchess Guðrún of Dungill Fens
Witch and politician. Cousin and rival to the Queen. Trustworthy, for a given definition of trust. ... more
The Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel
Well-muscled, well-endowed, well-moustachio'ed, well-ennobled pillock. ... more

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