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Completed. Read from the beginning.


Queen Elspeth
Queen of all witches, whether they recognise her or not. Her manners are zapping off heads. ... more
Candidata Arcana from the Wittenberg Academy and junior witch. An inventor and thinker, though what she thinks of isn't always clear. ... more
Kel M?nsdottir
Half-elven witch, shapeshifter and troublemaker. ... more
The Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel
Swordsman, soldier, sportsman, ladies' man, pillock. ... more
Duchess Gu?r?n
Witch and politician. Cousin and rival to the Queen. ... more
Alcydia von D?nnerwetter
The Countess von D?nnerwetter, a member of the Undercity Royal Family. Witch. Scheming. ... more

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