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Prudi is an orphan. She was found by a night watchman toddling around the Overcity Toxic Elixir-waste Facility some 18 years ago. Although the case caught middling interest with the town?s most tabloid *) criers at the time, the parents were never found. The child was thought to be somewhere near one or two years of age, and had not learned to speak. When found she was naked, but held clenched in her little fist a scrap of high-quality blue silk. This latest fact gave the town council some hope that the infant could have been abducted from a wealthy family that might be inclined to pay a reward for her return. However, queries among the Overcity?s merchant princes and the Undercity?s nobles yielded no results. Eventually the girl-child was, by means of a generous grant from the Council, given a place at the Ane Eirie Orphanage where she stayed for the next ten years. It was here that she was given her current name.

Having proved herself strong, quickwitted, temperamental, resourceful and able to hold her own in the orphanage porridge-queue, the young Prudi shortly acquired a posting as scullery-maid in a local merchant?s home. From there, she has over the last eight years worked her way up to chambermaid. Although she knows she?s destined for something better.

This last year Prudi has been hanging out with one of the household?s new stablehands, Tapper. He thinks they?re engaged. She thinks he?s cute, shares her taste in drink and bards and is the only other person downstairs not in need of geriatric care.

*) Tabloid Town Crier: Old form used for town criers who would stop at nothing, including climbing tables, to be noticed by the crowds and outcrie their colleagues. Some would even employ their own pages, so-called mid-pages, who during an intermission in the middle of the crier?s performance would juggle, dance or perform a stripping act. The Tabloid Criers were also known interweave extremely dumb jokes into their texts.

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