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"Relax and enjoy, fate is smiling" says the witch. She doesn't say who it's smiling on either.

From the musical version of The Double:

Come, Come (Mp3, 80kbps, 2m45s, 1.6 MB). Vocals: Danielle Westerhof. Bass guitar: Danny Barnhoorn. Drums: Johan Dijkhuis. Everything else: Daniel.
Danielle nails the part of Alcydia; going from shrill and high-pitched to low and menacing in her portrayal of the comic's villainess. She's been given good material to work with: the words present the character as volatile to the point of near-incoherence.
On the CD, the song is 3 minutes long. Here, it has been edited a bit, to conserve bandwidth in case thousands of people download it.

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