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I command thee, o spirit, take us to the girl. She was abducted from this part of the world.

From the musical version of The Double:

The Spirit (MP3, 80kbps, 1.4 MB, 2.24 minutes). Vocals: Dick de Boer and Daniel Østvold. Guitars, keyboards: Daniel. Bass guitar: Danny Barnhoorn.
Professor de Boer, or Uncle Dick as Kim insisted on calling him, had a nasty cold when he recorded his vocals, but it only served to make his smokey baritone even smokier - just perfect for the hard-drinking Ioannes. He also managed to record some viola parts on other songs. Daniel's vocals may be from his original 4-track recordings; that might explain why they sound slightly muffled, phased and unworldly. As he's singing the part of a spirit, we'll let it slide.
The original track had a drum machine playing the simple techno party. At the time of the recording sessions, Run DMC had just had a hit with a song that had a similar pounding drum beat and a simple, throbbing bass part to match, so it was suggested that Danny added a similar part to the recording. It may not be appropriate for a song about a spirit, but at least there's a song on the soundtrack you can boogie to.

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